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Of African, Boriken Taíno (aka Puerto Rico), and Spaniard ancestry, my life is grounded by the richness of my ancestry; driven by an enduring desire to elevate the unique, irreplicable, and everlasting beauty and wisdom of our world. Always known I am Taína. Member of United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP) since 2011; today, honored member of Guainia Taíno Tribe.

Emeritus Professor at Florida Atlantic University, I retired in 2013. My work remains committed to: Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership, Gender & Race Equity, Human Rights & Social Justice, Multicultural & Multilingual Education, …..

I hold a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Denver College of Education, focused on multiethnic and multiracial identity development. Also hold M.A. and M.Ed. in Human Development and Guidance (Developmental Psychology), from Columbia University Teachers College; and B.S. in Life Sciences from Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Watibiri TaiNegra Marta

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