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Resources /  Recursos

Community news, media mentions, press release, and statements / Noticias de la comunidad, menciones en los medios, comunicados de prensa y declaraciones

Letters and Statements / Cartas y Declaraciones

Guainía, Lokono, and Kalinago Treaty

A Declaration of Unity between the Guainia Taíno Tribes of the Virgin Islands and Borikén, the Eagle Clan Arawaks, and the Kalinago Nation of Dominica.

Guainía Taíno Joint Citizenship Agreement 

An accord between the Guainía Taíno Tribes of the Virgin Islands and Borikén

Iukaieke Guainía would firstly like to congratulate you for bringing together relatives across diverse iukaieke (yucayeque) and other groups. Our community looks forward to these kinds of gatherings and communications between Taíno Peoples.

Primeramente, el Iukaieke Guainía desea felicitarles por unir a nuestras hermanas y hermanos de varios y diversos iukaieke (yucayeque) y otros grupos. Nuestra comunidad mira hacia adelante con entusiasmo a futuras reuniones y comunicaciones entre el Pueblo Taíno.

A few years ago, I requested that the original bill be amended to remove all the things that had nothing to do with the sole recognition of the indigenous Taino. My work and my purpose were solely for the recognition of the indigenous Taino people, who were taught to be extinct.

Roberto "Mukaro Agueibana" Borrero, President, United Confederation of Taino People; Kasike (chief), iukaieke Guainia, presented the following statement on March 20, 2015 to the IITC for inclusion in this submission, addressing the lack of redress 13 or mechanisms for the Taino People located in an insular territory under the jurisdiction of the US.

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