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February 7, 2022
UCTP Taíno News

Taíno elder, Mildred “Karaira” Gandia Reyes de Ziegelasch crossed over into Koaibei (the spirit world) on Sunday, February 6, 2022, due to complications arising from COVID 19. A long-time representative of the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP), and a member of the Guainía Taíno Tribe of Borikén, Bibi (Grandmother) Karaira was beloved across Taíno communities through the islands and the Diaspora.

Oct. 20, 2021, 7:30-8:45 pm

Indigenous activists and allies Chali’naru Dones (Guainia Taino), Claudia Fox Tree (Iukaieke Guainia Taino), and Heather Leavell, will participate in this moderated panel discussion about how to elevate Indigenous voices during a season in which we hear alot about, but not from, Indigenous people. Sponsored by the Network for Social Justice.

Múkaro Borrero, a chief of the Caribbean tribe Guainía Taíno, echoed the sentiment. “We’ve long suffered invisibility, erasure, indifference to a myth, because a lot of the Columbus story is myth,” Borrero said.

By Jazmyn Gray, Boston Globe,Updated October 6, 2021

A Borikén Taíno woman and member of the Guainía Taíno Tribe, Dones said her visits are a ceremony, and her experiences at the riverside — feeding fish, watching birds, listening to frogs — encourage her “REALationship” with “mother earth.”

By Christian Feuerstein, October 5, 2021

Claudia Fox Tree, M.Ed, is an educator and social justice activist who facilitates courses and workshops on decolonizing teaching practices, including “un-erasing” Native American First Nations Peoples (FNP). Fox Tree is a member of the Iukaieke Guainia Taino Tribe. She gives voice to Indigenous experiences and asks allies and co-conspirators to come on the journey with her.

September 30, 2021, Boston University News Service

“America has to unlearn in order to re-learn again; to unlearn hate in order to love; to unlearn white supremacy for justice to rise. To unlearn false narratives like that Christopher Columbus discovered America,” said Chali’Naru Dones, a member of the Guainia Taino Tribe and group, Indigenous Peoples Day Newton.

By Amy Sokolow, Boston Herald, September 28, 2021

Chali’ Naru, center, of the Guainia Taino tribe, addresses protesters while participating in a “Sink Columbus” rally and march by groups looking to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day October 10, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts.

July 2021,  Institute for Small Islands

Join Institute director and founder Caroline Mair-Toby as she talks to Roberto Múkaro Borrero, Kasike (Cacique/Chief) of the Guainía Taíno tribal community in Borikén (Puerto Rico) , as they discuss the moment of contact when the Indigenous Taíno communities residing in the Caribbean first encountered the Spanish conquistadors who landed on their shores in 1492.

June 15, 2021

Claudia has been on the board of the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness ( for over 20 years. Claudia is a tribal member of the Iukaieke Guainia Taino Tribe and a Massachusetts liaison for the United Confederation of Taino People

Oct 7 2020

In this online presentation, internationally renowned advocate, artist, and educator, Roberto Múkaro Borrero (Guainía Taíno) will provide viewers with an introductory look at the history, culture, and contemporary issues of the Taíno People. This lecture presentation will be followed by a Q & A session."

By Mary Emily O'Hara

JUNE 3, 2020

“The tweet by the Washington Redskins rings hollow to me,” said Roberto Borrero (Guainía Taíno), president of the United Confederation of Taíno People. “If the team was really interested in standing in solidarity for racial justice, they would change their name from the dictionary-defined racial slur they continue to use,” Borrero said.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020, iEatGreen

I’m very excited to introduce this week’s guest to all of you. Roberto Borrero is one of the organizers of the March for Climate Justice Through Racial Justice on September 20th, in NYC!

29 January 2020, Shan Newspaper

In Springfield, Massachusetts, several hundred demonstrators made their way down Main Street to City Hall holding signs and chanting at the fourth annual Pioneer Valley Women’s March. The Springfield mobilization was opened with a spiritual invocation by Chali’naru Dones, a representative of the United Confederation of Taíno People and a member of the Guainía Taíno Tribe.

January 22, 2020, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Internationally renowned indigenous leaders Sachem Hawk Storm and Kasike Roberto Múkaro Borrero will share their perspectives on the Indigenous Peoples Rights Movement, environmental stewardship, racial justice, climate change, and how indigenous and non-indigenous peoples can move forward in solidarity with the future generations in mind. The presentation will be followed by a Q & A.

January 18, 2020

Pre-Rally Speakers: Chali’Naru Dones is a United Confederation Of Taino People Rep and tribal member of the Iukaieke Guainia Taino Tribe.  She is an active New England resident that focuses on educating and spreading awareness of Taino culture and practices in the East Coast.

Eddie Junsay, November 25, 2019,

Borrero is a member of the Taíno Tribal Nation, an Indigenous Peoples whose traditional homelands extend through the Greater Antilles to the Southern tip of Florida in the U.S. In 2012, he was traditionally sanctioned a kasike (chief) of the Guainía Taíno tribal community.

September 8, 2019, Rumbo News

Durante el fin de semana del 7 y 8 de septiembre se llevó a cabo, con todo éxito, el Annual Native American Pow-Wow que, patrocinado por el Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness y el Departamento de Recreación de la Ciudad de Haverhill se viene celebrando por 31 años a orillas de la laguna de Plog Pond. Pictured, un miembro del grupo Guainia Taíno Tribe de Puerto Rico en su danza al búho

February 19, 2019

Elder Hector “Barakutei” Gonzalez Benitez, 71, a member of the Guainía Taíno Tribe and a Liaison Officer of the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP) crossed into Koaibei, the Spirit World on Friday, February 22, 2019.

December 3, 2017

Among the 1000 artists and community members taking part in vigil where Patricia Chali'naru Dones and her son Vinny Tata'niki Dones. Chali'naru and Tata'niki are registered with the United Confederation of Taíno People and members of the Guainia Taíno Tribe.

November 25, 2017

In a historic first for the event, Tai Pelli, representing the United Confederation of Taíno People addressed the crowd in the English, Spanish, and Taíno languages. A member of the Guainia Taíno Tribe, Pelli provided updates on the current situation in Borikén (Puerto Rico) and the reality people on the island face as a colony of the United States.

June 1, 2016

Roberto “Mukaro Agueibana” Borrero, Kasike, Taino Iukaieke Guainia, president, United Confederation of Taino People and Human Rights ambassador to the United Nations. Established Brook Park in the Bronx, active in many cultural heritage and human rights organizations. (Also performing.)

Letters and Statements / Cartas y Declaraciones

January 29, 2022

Iukaieke Guainía would firstly like to congratulate you for bringing together relatives across diverse iukaieke (yucayeque) and other groups. Our community looks forward to these kinds of gatherings and communications between Taíno Peoples.

29 de enero de 2022

Primeramente, el Iukaieke Guainía desea felicitarles por unir a nuestras hermanas y hermanos de varios y diversos iukaieke (yucayeque) y otros grupos. Nuestra comunidad mira hacia adelante con entusiasmo a futuras reuniones y comunicaciones entre el Pueblo Taíno.

By Maekiaphan Phillips, February 2, 2021

A few years ago, I requested that the original bill be amended to remove all the things that had nothing to do with the sole recognition of the indigenous Taino. My work and my purpose were solely for the recognition of the indigenous Taino people, who were taught to be extinct.

July, 2015

Roberto "Mukaro Agueibana" Borrero, President, United Confederation of Taino People; Kasike (chief), iukaieke Guainia, presented the following statement on March 20, 2015 to the IITC for inclusion in this submission, addressing the lack of redress 13 or mechanisms for the Taino People located in an insular territory under the jurisdiction of the US